Welcome. My name is Blayne Prowse, operator of Primal Forest Gardens. My interest in sustainability reaches back about half a dozen years, slowly gaining knowledge in many areas of earth friendly options and the like. I knew there were many problems, so many it was daunting, frustrating and scary. Would my young daughter have any chance at a future of abundance and opportunity like I did as a child. Putting fresh organic food into my families hands is the top priority as a father, and being able to see where the groceries come from takes that questions out of the equation. Beyond organic fruits and vegetables to build strong, smart children, as well as the mental relief of spending precious spare time watching plants grow, observiving wildlife returning to the yard and sharing a picnic with your children at home under a fruit tree. Reducing stress and bringing families together, one yard at a time.

At Primal Forest Gardens, we also have many, varied interests. Ask us about alternative energy, Rocket Mass Heaters, foraging, preserving food, fermenting, natural building, homesteading, unique ideas for livestock, home slaughter consulting and traditional bow building. So many amazing skills to learn about. If there is anything in that list that interests you, please contact us!

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