A short photo tour of my front yard garden in Cumberland. I will add new pictures as the forest matures and new projects come my way.

Apple tree, buckwheat, parsley and huckleberry
Cumberland B.C.

Mizuna and Buckwheat. Mounds covered with
fir mulch

A small Douglas Fir that my daughter brought home
from school. I had to incorporate it!

Swiss Chard, Parsley, Buckwheat, and Sunflower

Again Buckwheat, Parsley, Comfrey and Plum

Apple, huckleberry, and Buckwheat(think I like it!)

Blueberry, onion and small squash plant

Squash, onion and blueberry

Kale, Buckwheat, Apple, Huckberry and Sunflowers

Buckwheat cover crop fixing nitrogen under a new 
Apple tree
Again Squash, blueberries and onion

Mmmm blueberries!


Swiss Chard

Front yard grass gone! Three raised wood core beds 
full of life and food!

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  1. How cool! Well done. Keep up the good work. Low maintenance, low water usage...bring on the meters. No problem for you.