Services and Fees

I offer three different levels of service for Primal Forest Gardens. Ask us about opportunities for other methods of exchange for services, including barter and precious metals.(Prices subject change with out notice) We also offer conventional landscaping with a twist. Brush clearing, rotary-style push lawn mowing, vegetable garden maintenance, grey water and rain water systems, scythe mowing, using low to no fossil fuels! I am also available to just troubleshoot issues with your current systems. Please feel free to email me with questions!

1. One hour property consultation: $60
I will come to your piece of property and give you a clear, concise idea of how to implement your own Forest Garden, using Permaculture principles. Including Zone and Sector analysis, plant lists and techniques for making your ideas a reality!

2. Property Design: $250 for up to 1 acre, larger properties will vary.
I will come to your property, do a zone and sector analysis, discuss your needs and wants for your family, including species lists. I will take those notes and draw a site plan for implementing the design for your own implementation.

3. Design and Implementation: Price: by individual site.
I will do the above property design and quote on the price to have Primal Forest Gardens do the hard work of the landscape implementation. Including full plant costs, equipment, ammendments and outside inputs(soil, mulch, etc)

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